3 Effective Ways To Keep Your School Communities Connected

Jul 15, 2021 | Blog

3 Effective Ways To Keep Your School Communities Connected

The coronavirus is reshaping the education landscape. As millions of students around the world face disruption to their learning and schools navigate rapidly changing expectations, it’s never been more critical for school communities to stay connected.

Globally, schools are at the frontline of the challenges and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread school shutdowns and a sudden move to remote learning have created an educational landscape that looks nothing like it has in the past. Almost overnight, schools are being asked to take a face-to-face delivery model and make it work online.

At PCSchool, we’re working with schools to support them through this challenging time. Our focus is on ensuring you have the tools and expertise to manage your operations remotely, particularly when it comes to communication and delivering learning in an online environment.

Our programmers are actively working on solutions to help you to navigate the evolving landscape and keep your school community connected. Last month, we created a new tool that allows staff and students to sign in and out of the PCSchool platform to display their availability to the community, and built a task scheduler to enable teachers to assign work to specific classes or students.

1. Supporting stronger communication In times of uncertainty, clear, consistent and regular communication is key

With social distancing measures and the requirements of schools changing on a sometimes-daily basis, our schools are relying on the PCSchool communication module more than ever before.

Many schools are beginning to use text messaging functionality to complement email communication and support real-time notifications to staff, students and families. If you’d like to activate SMS as a communication channel, please send your request for more information [email protected]

To learn more about managing communication, watch our messaging webinar.

2. Enabling remote learning With schools moving to remote learning for term two, and teachers conducting their classes online

The new task scheduler option we’ve built to support schools with help delivering learning in an online environment. It allows teachers and administrative staff to set tasks and share resources with students by class grouping or timetabled class. Students can also submit completed work for feedback and assessment by their teacher.

To learn more about our new task scheduler, watch our task scheduler webinar.

3. Managing attendance remotely Remote learning requires a new approach to managing attendance

For a shared online environment to be effective, users should be able to see when other users are online.

Our new availability function allows teachers, students and administrators to sign in and out of PCSchool to show others that they’re online. It means that teachers can check that students are online for their timetabled classes and communicate with them in real-time, knowing that they’re signed in to the PCSchool platform.

Don’t forget we are here to help The pace of change driven by COVID-19 is placing unprecedented pressure on schools. At PCSchool, we’re committed to supporting you throughout this challenging time and offering the same quality of service that we know you expect from us.

We’re in regular contact with government departments and working around the clock to continue to expand the PCSchool platform to meet the changing needs and expectations of school communities.

If you have any questions about our new task scheduler or availability functions, or requests for platform enhancements to support your school, please get in touch.