5 Benefits Of Using A School Management Platform

Jul 13, 2021 | Blog

5 Benefits Of Using A School Management Platform

What is a school management platform?

A school management platform – also called school management software or a student information system (SIS) – is an application that helps with the day-to-day operation of K-12 schools. It aims to simplify, streamline, and automate the way a school runs, taking the complexity out of school management.

School management software like PCSchool makes administration, communication, information management and financial management tasks much easier. It lets schools manage the complete student lifecycle – from enrolment to graduation and beyond – making manual data entry, double handling, and paper-based processes a thing of the past.

What are the benefits of a Student Management Platform?

A Student Management Platform will support your school to spend less time on routine tasks and more time on the things that matter by:

1. Automating regular and repeatable processes

Schools are complex and ever-changing organisations – but a number of key repeatable processes are at the core of their operations. From managing new student enquiries to enrolment, timetabling, school fees, learning management, assessment and more, there’s a huge opportunity to simplify and streamline these processes by digitising and automating them.

2. Providing a trusted, single source of truth

Student information systems like PCSchool deliver a whole-school experience supported by a single database. With a core system of truth that integrates with other school systems and is updated in real-time, the school community can use their SIS with confidence to manage administration, finance, academic and student management functions.

3. Strengthening financial management

Good financial management is one of the pillars of school operations. From collecting school fees to managing cash flow, budgeting, managing debtors and creditors and more, a quality school management platform will revolutionise your approach to financial management. Systems like PCSchool provide seamless integration with partners to manage parent payment plans, fee and incidental payments as well as e-invoicing, providing advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

4. Supporting flexible learning delivery

Traditional school operations and learning delivery were massively disrupted in 2020. Schools with cloud-based school management platforms were able to respond with agility and make a relatively smooth transition to remote learning due to COVID-19.

From managing virtual classrooms to support remote learning, empowering administrative staff to perform their roles remotely and staying connected with families via virtual parent-teacher interviews, schools were forced to reimagine the way they operate. Many found that more flexible ways of working drove efficiency and delivered benefits beyond responding to the challenges of the pandemic.

5. Simplifying record keeping

The more your school uses its school management software, the more value your school community – teachers, families, students, and administration staff – will derive from it. With the entire student lifecycle managed in one place, there’s a trusted digital trail and repository of information.

No more permission slips left in the bottom of school bags or cash payments lost between the classroom and the office – with everything managed via your SIS, you can eliminate paper-based processes, double handling, and payment disputes.

A quality school management platform should be at the heart of your operations – but it must be supported by the right systems and infrastructure to be most effective. Our blog, Building a best-in-class school software system, explores how schools can build a strong foundation for the future by taking a strategic approach to investing in systems, software and technology that support them to be agile, efficient and flexible.