Alumni Management

Former students are a rich source of knowledge, passion and funding for many schools. However, despite the significant value lasting connections with past students offer, many schools struggle with managing their alumni effectively.

PCSchool supports schools to take a proactive and professional approach to alumni management. From retaining important information about past students’ time at your school to allowing them to update their details and register for fundraisers and events, it will help you preserve these important relationships.

Set a strong foundation using former student information captured during their education, including start and end dates, commencing year level, homeroom and house. Customise the data you’d like to bring across depending on what’s important to your school - PCSchool allows you to retain achievements such as academic, sports or music excellence.

Contact past students with targeted messaging and encourage them to keep their personal and contact information and communication preferences up to date. PCSchool enables you to search by profession and location to identify suitable candidates for careers days, speaker opportunities and more.

Keep former students connected with the school community and engaged with fundraising and events. PCSchool supports sophisticated management and tracking of alumni association fees and school fundraiser and event registrations, pledges and payments via individual and group giving plans.


Have one of our business development team contact you and provide more information about PCSchool and who we can provide your school with a strong foundation for the future.

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