Keeping up with attendance can be a tricky and time-consuming job. Today, most schools record attendance digitally; however, without an integrated approach across your school, attendance data can be fractured, incomplete and unreliable.

PCSchool allows you to take a seamless end-to-end approach to managing attendance. Designed to reflect the realities and complexities of the school environment, it supports you to record, respond to and report on attendance with consistency and confidence.

Customise your approach to roll marking and notifications to suit your school. PCSchool gives you the flexibility to set different roll marking rules by campus, year level and classroom, view student attendance in real-time, and customise school and family notifications for unmarked rolls and unexplained absences.

Allow staff, students and visitors to sign in and out electronically, giving you real-time visibility of everyone on campus. PCSchool notifies classroom teachers if a student has arrived late, is leaving early, or is attending sickbay or a private music lesson.

Manage planned absences efficiently and proactively. Whether an entire class or year level will be on an excursion or school camp, or an individual student has a recurring off-campus appointment, PCSchool allows you to record future absences and tailor school and family notifications accordingly.

Access detailed attendance analysis and create tailored reports to show total school attendance or behavior by year level, subject, gender and more. Identify and respond to attendance trends or anomalies quickly and effectively and create government attendance reports with ease.


Have one of our business development team contact you and provide more information about PCSchool and who we can provide your school with a strong foundation for the future.

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