Managing student assessment and report writing can be a tedious and time-consuming task without the right tools. Thankfully, the days of teachers using spreadsheets to keep track of student performance are behind us, with student management software (also called school management software) reducing the complexity of the assessment and reporting process. However, not all school […]
Schools globally have needed to demonstrate unprecedented agility in 2020. For many, the impacts of COVID-19 highlighted that the systems and software they use to run their school is, in many ways, holding them back. School shutdowns and a move to remote learning drove a dramatic change to the education operating model. With schools forced […]
What is hybrid learning? Hybrid learning – also known as blended learning – is an educational model where students learn through a combination of in-person and online activities. Hybrid learning combines these two formats to create a flexible learning experience that uses resources efficiently and allows students to take more control of their own learning. […]
As COVID-19 reshapes the learning environment, schools globally are looking to their technology partners to support them to adapt to new and evolving requirements. Throughout this unprecedented period of change, the PCSchool team has been working closely with our customers to help them respond to changing needs in an agile way. PCSchool recently worked with […]
We are continually looking for ways to deliver more value to our customers. With the coronavirus pandemic causing significant disruption to schools worldwide, our PCSchool team have been working closely with customers to respond to the challenges of remote learning. Our development team recently partnered with Bream Bay College in Northland, New Zealand, to create […]
2020 has seen schools across the world required to tackle challenges they’ve never faced before. The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread school shutdowns and a sudden move to remote learning; in countries where restrictions have been relaxed, schools have also had to manage a rapid return to face-to-face learning. The PCSchool team recently worked with Avondale […]
The coronavirus has impacted our lives in a way we haven’t experienced before. It’s been an uncertain, stressful and confusing time – and we’ve all gone through a gamut of emotions. As our kids return to school, many of us are wondering how best to support them through this process. Some kids are so keen […]