Covid-19: Enabling Virtual Parent-Teacher Interviews

Jul 15, 2021 | Blog, Case Studies

Covid-19: Enabling Virtual Parent-Teacher Interviews

As COVID-19 reshapes the learning environment, schools globally are looking to their technology partners to support them to adapt to new and evolving requirements. Throughout this unprecedented period of change, the PCSchool team has been working closely with our customers to help them respond to changing needs in an agile way.

PCSchool recently worked with New Zealand’s Bream Bay College to support a move to conduct parent-teacher interviews online.

“Bream Bay College wanted to hold parent-teacher interviews online via Zoom rather than face-to-face following the COVID-19 lockdown. To support this, we created a new field in each teacher’s interview settings that was populated with a unique Zoom URL and set to appear when the ‘remote meeting’ option was ticked in the backend,” said Kate Poffley, Head of Product at PCSchool.

This new functionality meant that when a caregiver booked an interview time, they’d receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link to use for the meeting. Settings were further updated so that a reminder email sent the day before the interview also included the Zoom URL.

“The feedback we’ve had from both teachers and caregivers has been fantastic,” said Wayne Buckland, Principal at Bream Bay College.

Teachers have commented that the new approach makes it easier to share student results onscreen and that caregivers seem more relaxed communicating online. Our caregivers are pleased that they don’t need to take time off work or travel to attend, and it’s meant that those who are separated or travelling can still join the meeting – we had a Dad from Dubai join one of our Zooms.

“Based on this round of interviews, I’m expecting to conduct all parent-teacher interviews this way in the future.”