Covid-19: Supporting Seamless Remote Learning

Jul 15, 2021 | Blog, Case Studies

Covid-19: Supporting Seamless Remote Learning

We are continually looking for ways to deliver more value to our customers. With the coronavirus pandemic causing significant disruption to schools worldwide, our PCSchool team have been working closely with customers to respond to the challenges of remote learning.

Our development team recently partnered with Bream Bay College in Northland, New Zealand, to create new functionality to make it easier for students to enter their virtual classrooms.

“With more than 400 unique virtual classroom URLs to manage, Bream Bay quickly identified that a manual approach would be incredibly cumbersome and time-consuming. They needed a streamlined approach to sharing, managing and tracking these URLs,” said Kate Poffley, Head of Product at PCSchool.

After brainstorming potential solutions, the PCSchool team set to work to enhance the platform’s workset feature, enabling the relevant URL to be automatically displayed for each period on online timetables. Once live, this solution allowed staff and students to enter their virtual classrooms easily from their timetables – with no need to search through emails or learning materials to find the link.

Principals, Deans, Deputy Principals and Department Heads could also join any virtual classroom at any time during the school day, providing total visibility of the virtual learning environment.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, Bream Bay College has moved to a new form of composite learning, where any students not attending school can join classes virtually using the new process.

“The enhancement delivered by the PCSchool team makes composite learning easy to access for both students and staff. We expect this to be a new model for our school into the future,” said Wayne Buckland, Principal at Bream Bay College.