Curriculum and Assessment

While each school is different, every school strives to deliver and maintain strong educational outcomes. However, managing assessment and reporting can be particularly challenging and time-consuming without a consistent, simple and efficient approach.

PCSchool offers a flexible, secure and seamless way to manage timetabling, assessment and reporting. With streamlined data entry, integration with state and national standards and advanced analytics, it can be customised to meet your school’s needs both now and into the future.

Make assessment and report writing quick and painless with simple point-and-click marking and a comprehensive comment bank. PCSchool’s integrated markbooks offer powerful formulas that allow you to apply weighted averages to reflect assessment criteria and provide an overall grade. You can also import results from standardised tests such as NAPLAN and PAT with ease.

Access detailed reporting on your school’s performance on standardised and school-specific assessments. With PCSchool, you can track the performance of the entire school population or a particular year level or subject to examine progression or make comparisons. Review an individual student’s achievement, compare it to their peers and share this information confidentially with families.

Integrate your existing timetabling software with PCSchool. A holistic view of teacher availability across the day allows you to roster teacher replacements in minutes and quickly identify where external relief is needed.

Send assessment reports electronically and allow families to book interviews in predetermined timeslots online. With PCSchool, teachers can proactively request meetings with specific students where required. Teachers and families can view their bookings and make changes online at any time, with notifications automatically sent to all parties.


Have one of our business development team contact you and provide more information about PCSchool and who we can provide your school with a strong foundation for the future.

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