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Using Technology to Support Hybrid Learning


The education sector has been incredibly agile during 2020, many have realised that adapting to COVID-19 has led to better ways of working. Schools now have a more flexible learning model that can offer the best aspects of both in-person and online learning.


COVID-19: Supporting Seamless Remote Learning during the pandemic


PCSchool partnered with Bream Bay College in Northland, New Zealand, to create new functionality to make it easier for students to enter their virtual classrooms.


COVID-19: Enabling Virtual Parent-Teacher Interviews online via Zoom


PCSchool partnered with New Zealand’s Bream Bay College to support a move to conduct parent-teacher interviews online via Zoom.


COVID-19: Simplifying the Return-To-School Process


PCSchool partnered with Avondale College, a large co-educational high school in Auckland, New Zealand, to simplify the return-to-school process through tailored eForms.

Supporting Our Children Back to School


It’s been an uncertain, stressful and confusing time – and we’ve all gone through a gamut of emotions. As our kids return to school, many of us are wondering how best to support them through this process.


Keeping Your School Communities Connected


The coronavirus is reshaping the education landscape. As millions of students around the world face disruption to their learning and schools navigate rapidly changing expectations, it’s never been more critical for school communities to stay connected.

Building a Best-in-Class School Ecosystem


Investing in the right systems, software and infrastructure, savvy schools can build a strong foundation for the future. So, what does a best-in-class school software ecosystem look like?