Simplifying Return To School Process with E-Forms

Jul 15, 2021 | Blog

Simplifying The Return-To-School Process Through Tailored Eforms

2020 has seen schools across the world required to tackle challenges they’ve never faced before. The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread school shutdowns and a sudden move to remote learning; in countries where restrictions have been relaxed, schools have also had to manage a rapid return to face-to-face learning.

The PCSchool team recently worked with Avondale College, a large co-educational high school in Auckland, New Zealand, to manage the return-to-school process.

“With close to 3,000 students in total, Avondale was initially looking to manage the return of more than 1,000 year 9 and 10 students as part of a staggered reopening. With only nine days from notification to the school gates opening, they needed a process that was simple and efficient to support fast, informed decision making,” said Kate Poffley, Head of Product at PCSchool.

The PCSchool product and development teams mobilised quickly to create a tailored eform to capture the return-to-school intent of year 9 and 10 families. 70% of families had responded within 24 hours of receiving the form, allowing the school to manage the sudden return to face-to-face learning with certainly.

“The new eform was a powerful tool for collecting and analysing data and meant that our leadership team could plan for an unprecedented event based on solid information,” said Matt Bennett, Deputy Principal at Avondale College.

“A separate eform was created and sent to all staff to capture their ability to return to work. The combined staff and student data meant we had a clear picture of likely attendance and were able to plan for an effective and safe return to on-campus learning.”