PCSchool And MyWhānau Make It Easy For Families To Stay On Top Of School Communications

Apr 6, 2022 | Blog

mother and daughter sitting on a sofa beside each other looking on a mobile phone

Today’s parents are busier than ever juggling family life. Staying on top of work, school, extracurricular and household communications, events and to-dos is a huge job for even the most organised families. It’s easy to miss important information amongst the steady stream of communications from various sources, leaving parents feeling stressed and frustrated.   

For schools, keeping families across school communications and tasks is a constant challenge. Uniformed parents create extra work for teachers and administrative staff who have to spend time chasing overdue permission slips and payments. Many schools still rely on paper-based forms which are easily forgotten at the bottom of school bags or misplaced once they hit the kitchen bench.

PCSchool empowers schools to streamline and digitise the way they communicate with families. Its sophisticated multi-channel communication platform enables targeted real-time notifications via email, SMS and app, allowing schools to keep their community connected with the click of a button. 

With PCSchool, schools can create and send a bulk message to the entire school or specific year levels, classes, sports teams or subject groups, meaning busy families receive only the information they need. Sophisticated online forms support digital consent and payment, and teachers and the school office can chase any missed communications electronically.

PCSchool’s communication module is just part of a powerful school management platform created for educators by educators. Our best-in-class software lets schools manage the complete student lifecycle with confidence and simplifies administration, information management and financial management, empowering schools to spend more time on the things that matter. 

To further elevate the family experience, PCSchool has partnered with myWhānau, the only calendar-based app that captures and diarises school communications. The myWhānau School Calendar Assistant is free for schools and parents to use, and no additional data entry is required. 

myWhānau aggregates information from school emails, newsletters, websites and portals, and automatically creates personalised calendar entries with all the details families need. Tasks like completing permission slips or registering for events are diarised with automatic deadlines and reminders and can be marked as complete once actioned. 

myWhānau syncs with Apple and Android calendars, allowing parents to view school commitments alongside their other appointments and to-dos. Each calendar entry has all the details parents need and links to forms, school portals, the original communication, and any updates. 

With myWhānau, teachers can be confident that students will arrive to class prepared with the uniform or materials they need, and parents have peace of mind that they know what’s required each day. 91% of parents report feeling more organised thanks to myWhānau.