Wellbeing, Mentoring and Development

High-performing schools know that a balanced education is about more than academic outcomes. Considering student wellbeing is critical to delivering a well-rounded school experience.

PCSchool offers a comprehensive end-to-end approach to managing behaviour and wellbeing, allowing you to track this important aspect for individual students through to the entire school.

Record, track and manage student behaviour to give you a thorough understanding of each student’s progress. PCSchool allows you to create customised workflows for each behaviour type and tailor staff and family notifications and follow-up actions to suit your school.

Support gifted students and those with special needs and learning difficulties with a structured and transparent approach. PCSchool allows you to record and track modified learning plans and changes to lesson plans made to support your students. Record evidence of how government funding has been spent and produce this data quickly and easily if required for audit purposes.

Capture and monitor sensitive student welfare information confidentially. PCSchool allows school counsellors to record mental health and behavioural issues and plan and manage interventions for individual students. Identify patterns and trends by exploring data by gender, year level, presenting problem and more.

Record student participation in school-based and external personal development activities. PCSchool lets you capture and track student achievements and awards, create customised student certificates and feed this information through to student reports and your alumni database.

Access detailed reporting to identify trends in student behaviours and behaviour reporting by staff. PCSchool lets you see if certain teachers are assigning detentions or reporting uniform infringements more or less often than their peers. Analyse behaviours by year level, gender and more, and compare parameters such as attendance and bullying to obtain important insights.


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